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    DERFLEX is professional manufacturer in China focusing on digital printing material and industrial fabrics. Our main products include PVC banner (frontlit, backlit, blockout, mesh), self adhesive vinyl, one way vision vinyl, polyester textile, cotton canvas, PVC tarpaulin, inkjet media, etc... 


    DERFLEX has a very strict quality control system which promise all the products from DERFLEX with good quality performance.

    Our research and development team can combine a wide variety of fibers (nylon, polyester, Kevlar, etc.) and formulate the specific polymer chemistry for your customized product to improve efficiency and performance.
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2017-8-16 19:48:26
HP Latex technology
HP Latex printing technology:HP initiative,the Emulsion composition in the ink was melted after heating, and was cooled on the surface of printing material. In this way it can fix the pigment composition, to make the pictures UV printing technology: UV printing technology:the Photosensitive resin in the UV ink is cured under the ultraviolet, This is the Properties of pigments fixed on the surface of the medium
2017-7-30 19:05:03
HP Announces Winner Of Asia Pacific Wide Digital Printing Industry Awards
Asia Pacific Singapore, July 7, 2010, HP announced by the host of the wide digital printing industry's first print service provider Award 2010 HP Scitex wide Digital Print Awards (Asia Pacific and Japan region) winner. The award was presented at the eighteenth Shanghai international advertising technology equipment exhibition and the 2010 HP wide angel digital printing Awards (Asia Pacific and Japan area) in July 7th.
2017-6-25 11:33:44
New website on line
DERFLEX new website on line June 25th.
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Industry News
2017-8-14 18:02:56
ultralight PVC tarpaulin
PVC tarpaulin is mostly used for outdoor tents, truck covers, oil fence, inflatable castles, etc... DERFLEX lately produced new PVC tarpaulin with lower weight, but good tear and tensile strength.
2017-8-13 7:56:06
Wall mesh
Wall mesh is common, specification: 70--160/g, wall mesh with low cost, the layout is not chaos, high strength, good alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics, strengthen the best results, and simple construction, easy. Important applies to cement, gesso, wall, building and other building inside and outside, general situation is strengthened, above is the introduction of advertisement net.
2017-8-4 15:54:27
EFI Inkjet Technology Forum
EFI as the world's leading digital printing equipment manufacturers has been led by the development of the industry, the continuous upgrading of products and solutions, providing numerous printing weapon for customers in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market". What is the professional interpretation of these high quality solutions and the market demand for EFI products? In March 21st, Hongkong is located in the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui has hosted a EFI forum will open up a fresh outlook of inkjet technology, LED UV printing technology to the forefront of the industry as the theme, sharing from the green ink jet printing new advantages and industry, global user application cases and all kinds of proofs of the display and interpretation of the scene.
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Service Area
DERFLLEX has achieved competitive excellence through global collaboration with some of the world’s premier companies in a variety of industrial and geographical locations. We established very good relationship with all our customers to make sure that we grow together
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