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Drop plastic bronzing fabric

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Drop plastic bronzing fabric


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 Drop plastic bronzing fabric


I.What is bronzing fabric?

basic information

 drop cloth fabric by the yard

a.The base fabrics of the bronzing fabrics are commonly used cotton, polyester and various Blended Fabrics. For example, after bronzing of Cotton Cloth, it will retain the soft and warm characteristics of cotton, while polyester bronzing cloth will have better wear resistance. After the fabric is processed by the bronzing process, its color and luster will be brighter, giving people a golden visual effect.


b.Product name: 32S21S30s40s20s60s


c. Material: 100% cotton


d.MOQ:3000 Yard




f..Packaging:Roll packing with tubes and transparent plastic bag

Drop plastic bronzing fabric 


II.Details show- Holland velvet


a.Handfeel is soft and thick to the touch


b.Good color fastness, not easy to fade


c.Good bronzing fastness, not easy to drop


d.Durable fabric


e. Classic patterns

Drop plastic bronzing fabric


III. Advantage

a.The back of the drip-free plastic has a clear texture, fine workmanship and assured quality


b.Various colors of fabrics, soft colors, easy to match


c.Silicone point has strong anti-skid effect


d.Use high-tech imported machines with senior staff

Drop plastic bronzing fabric


IV. About Factory

 Drop plastic bronzing fabric


Derflex is one of the leading of bronzing fabric manufacturers in China with a history of 20 years. For more information please contact me:

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