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What type of fabric is used in inflatable boats

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What type of fabric is used in inflatable boats?


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I.What are Rafting Boats material made of?

 Rafting Boats material

The material used by the vast majority of manufacturers of inflatable boats is multilayer polyvinyl chloride or PVC, reinforced for strength with a mesh of polyester threads. This is a synthetic polymer fabric, it is much superior to rubber in its performance properties. PVC is resistant to motor oils and gasoline, has high wear resistance and is not prone to rot or ultraviolet radiation, which is especially critical in the summer in open water.


II.What type of fabric is used in inflatable boats? For rafting boats, we recommend three types

1.PVC ,1000*1000,30*30,1400G
2.  TPU ,1000*1000,30*30,1400G
3.  50% PVC+ 50% PU,1000*1000,30*30,1400G


 Rafting Boats vinyl fabric

III.Advantages of Rafting Boats vinyl fabric


1.Rafting Boats are considered fast and economical floating facilities. In Russia, they have recently become quite popular. Perfectly suitable for water and tourist recreation, as well as for fishing or yacht tender. The RIB boat is combined: it seems to be inflatable, but has a rigid hull. This combination gives a number of design advantages: inflatable boards are practical, during operation they guarantee high safety, and comfort and better gliding through the water are ensured by the rigid body.


2.Rafting Boats has a relatively light weight, which makes it possible to equip them with sufficiently powerful motors, outboard or stationary. The result is an economical and high-speed swimming vehicle.

 Rafting Boats fabric

3. Rafting Boats is perfect for short-term trips. The stores offer an impressive assortment. It is desirable that the bottom and sides (cylinders) are packed separately, then the boat is easier to transport. The weight of a standard boat is usually 90 kilograms. RIB motor boats have the best qualities of PVC boat and small boat. Compared to a boat, the RIB has less space, but the engine is more powerful; and simple inflatable boats RIB are inferior in mobility (they cannot be deflated, rolled or left in the trunk). Fishermen are quite satisfied with oversized models from two to four meters long, and for those who want to relax in comfort, it is proposed to purchase or take in rent a RIB boat larger - up to ten meters, moreover, there is an opportunity to put a closed superstructure on the deck. A larger boat can take more people or cargo.


IV. Benefits of Rafting Boats :


1.high reliability (inflatable boards minimize lateral rolling, cushioning shock waves);


2.stability: the RIB will not roll over under any circumstances, since the inflatable balloon has several sealed sections;


3.good wear resistance (bottom and sides are made of high strength materials);

 Rafting Boats fabric

4. heavy lifting capacity;


5.good maneuverability and speed (100 km / h and above);


6.compactness and ease of transportation (a trailer can be transported without special permission; if deflated, it can fit in the trunk);


7.the operating costs are moderate, as the fuel consumption is low.

 Rafting Boats fabric

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 Rafting Boats fabric

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