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PVC vinyl sticker
Anti scratch Flooring Sheet Decorative PVC Printing Film
widely used for the promotion of flat ground in various shopping malls, subways, studio event halls, etc.
- Banner stand, Display stand use, Advertising board.
- Supermarket, Store, shopping mall, poster
- Photographic Studio, light box, subway station and so on
- Indoor usage
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Anti-scratch Flooring Sheet Decorative PVC Printed Film

DERFLEX is professional floor pvc film manufacturer for keeping social distancee, with experience over 20 years.

Product description

The concave-convex floor film, also known as non-slip floor film, uses a hard thick PVC mask, which is a matte transparent film.

Unique concave-convex pattern, which plays a role of anti-skid and anti-friction.

It is used in conjunction with the removable adhesive product screen and is widely used in the production of posters on the ground.

Protective Film

1) vinyl floor stickers Product information:
-PVC film thickness: 0.16mm;0.18mm; 0.2mm;0.22mm
-Glue: normal glue or stronger glue
-Style: glossy film; Matt film; Frosted film; texture film
-Anti UV
-Backing paper: 120g
-Max width:152cm
-Roll Length:50m

Anti-scratch film

Please Keep 6 Feet Distance Floor Sticker roll for Social Distancing Floor Sign
0.18mm 0.22mm
international standard
1.07  1.27  1.52m
Eco-solvent, UV, Latex
Other texture
carton, seaworthy
multiple of 20
Exporting experience
20 years
ASTM-882   ASTM D-1004
- Banner stand, Display stand use, Advertising board. 
- Supermarket, Store, shopping mall, poster 
- Photographic Studio, light box, subway station and so on 
- Indoor usage

Matte floor membrane

Product Usage

Matte floor membrane is widely used for the promotion of flat ground in various shopping malls, subways, studio event halls, etc.

(1) Good homogeneity: Synthetic polymer waterproof membranes are all produced by factory mechanization, and the quality of products can be better controlled during the production process.
(2) High tensile strength: The tensile strength of synthetic polymer waterproof membranes are all above 3MPa, and the strength can reach 10MPa Zuocun, which can meet the practical requirements of construction and application.
(3) High elongation at break: The elongation at break of synthetic polymer waterproof membranes are all above 100%, and some are as high as about 500%, which can better meet the needs of expansion or cracking deformation of waterproof base of construction projects to ensure Waterproof quality.
(4) High tear strength: The tear strength of synthetic polymer waterproof membranes are all above 25kN/m.
(5) Good heat resistance performance: synthetic polymer waterproof membranes generally do not flow and produce less concentrated bubbles under humidity conditions above 100°C.
(6) Good low-temperature flexibility: generally below 2uY', such as the low-temperature flexibility of ethylene-propylene rubber waterproof membrane is below a generation ℃, therefore, the use of polymer waterproof membrane under low temperature conditions can improve the durability of the waterproof layer To enhance the adaptability of the waterproof layer.
(7) Strong corrosion resistance: The synthetic polymer waterproof membrane has strong ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance, weather resistance and other capabilities, good aging resistance, and extended waterproof durability.
(8) High technical requirements for construction, and fast operation skills. It is difficult to completely bond with the base layer; there are many lap joints, which are easy to cause leakage problems, so it should be combined with paint to enhance the integrity of the waterproof layer and improve the reliability of waterproofing.
(9) Large shrinkage in the late stage: Most synthetic polymer waterproof membranes have large thermal shrinkage and late shrinkage, which often causes the membrane waterproof layer to have a large internal stress to accelerate aging, or the waterproof layer is pulled apart and overlapped. Pull off the warpage and other defects.

Widely used as Social distance floor sign sticker roll for advertising printing

pvc flooring sheet

transparent floor film

Manufacturing Technique
Floor sticker sign rolls Processing Methods
* High-Frequency Welding,
* Sewing,
* Printing,
* Adding Adhesive,
* Hot Stamping,
* Laminating, etc.
floor protection roll
Production area 60,000 square meter, registered with 2,5 million US dollars. 5 calendars, 3 coating machines and
5 lamination machines, 25 senior engineers and 400 workers make our factory more competitive among the PVC sheet roll supplies.
floor protective film in Plastic Film
anti scratch floor film
floor protection mat
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