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 DERFLEX keeps highly positive on research and development of digital printing industry. We cooperated with East China University of Science and Technology and do our research in their lab:
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1.  Coating technology on rigid material

Flatbed printer coating is used for metal, glass, coroplast, trovicel, PP hollow board, acrylic board and other materials products.

Flatbed printer coating has high weatherability, gloss and color retention (excellent resistance to strong ultraviolet radiation), strong adhesion (5B), good hiding power, good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, shock resistant, suitable for large area spraying. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, may be resistant to UV radiation and climate change, without losing light, do not fade, no peeling, no powder. Products in line with the national quality supervision and certification, the use of imported raw materials, to achieve environmental protection requirements of building materials industry.

Widely used in the glass sliding door, acrylic printing, tile building materials, wooden cabinet doors, metal signs and other industries, can be roasted or natural drying.

This product is used in conjunction with UV flat panel painting machine, which can increase the firmness of the picture and various kinds of boards, make the picture more beautiful and outdoor lifetime longer
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2.  Research on membrane structure

In order to solve the problem at home and abroad due to tensile and tear properties of membrane materials and standard test methods and bring different design and material selection of PVC tarpaulin mateiral, membrane structure compared to the domestic PVC coated fabric and related standard test method for tensile and tear properties, through the analysis of the test methods and test results, determine the test method for membrane structure tensile and tear properties of fabrics with coating, find the membrane tensile strength and tear strength of consistency, and lists the regression equation, analyzed the influence factors of the relationship between the them.

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3. Research on Color management
We are very familiar with the word "curve", usually we represent a specific color management by a curve.
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(MTColor Name of the curve)

If we want v720720dpi 8pass——Make a new curve

If we want print on outdoor PP——Make a new curve

If we want to print with pigment or dye ink——Make a new curve

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(different precision, different ink mode, different curves)

Therefore, as long as there is an effect on the printing of color changes in the link, you need to do a corresponding new curve.

So, what are the factors that affect the final color? 

3.1 Print head, including print head brand, part number, PL, print head amount, and other facts.

3.2 Printer, including the brand, heating process and some other fact

3.3 ink, including the ink type, colors, factory, and other ink parameter

3.4 main board factory and mainboard version.

3.5 printing material, the different printing material from different factories, matt or glossy, thickness, coating, all need to adjust on the curve.

3.6 environment, light source, Object of reference

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4. Large format printing technology and the digital printing material:

Along with the printing technology updating, there comes more and more requirements with the raw printing material. To protect the environment, no harm to health, Biodegradable, etc….

DERFLEX keeps an eye on global digital printing material market to offer customer most competitive products.

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