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DERFLEX is professional PC sheet manufacturer in China, with experience over 15 years.

PC sun board is popular product which is used as outdoor building project.

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Product information

Impact strength       2.1~2.3J/M

Light transmission    40~82%

Specific gravity      1.2G/cm³

Coefficient of thermal expansion    0.065mm/m℃
Service temperature    -40℃~+120℃
Heat conductivity    3.0~3.9w/㎡℃
Tensile strength      ≥60N/mm
Flexural strength    100n/m㎡
Modulus of elasticity   2400Mpa
Tensile stress at break   ≥65Mpa
Elongation at break    >100%

Common thickness: 4mm、6mm 、8mm 、10mm、12mm 



Main applications of PC sun board sheet :


PC sun board sheet  are widely used in outdoor building lighting projects, such as: sports venues, stations, airports, shopping malls building lighting projects; corridor aisle roof, shelter, awning, parking, agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants; Advertising light boxes, highway noise barriers, indoor and outdoor decoration and other fields.

1.       Pc sun sheet board can be installed on sports venues, stations, airports, shopping malls building lighting projects

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2. Pc sun sheet board can be installed on corridor aisle roof, shelter, awning

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There are many other applications of PC sheet. DERFLEX would supply most competitive Abs plastic sheet products. If you are distributor of PC sun board, or have interest in our products, please contact us freely.
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