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Reflective vinyl

Reflective film is a kind of retroreflective material which has been made into film and can be used directly. It is also one of the most widely used retroreflective materials.

After the advent of engineering grade reflective film, it was once used mainly for making road signs, prohibited signs, warning signs and signs, as well as signs used in general advertisements. With the progress of reverse reflection technology and the continuous emergence of new materials, the brightness of engineering grade reflective materials is gradually considered unable to meet the safety needs. In developed areas, it is no longer being used to make warning or ban signs. Large signs and high-grade roads are also hard to find. In the United States 2008 national traffic safety standards, that the reflective film (I class ASTM film) in many cases, the minimum brightness can not meet the security needs.

DERFLEX is professional manufacturer and wholeseller of reflective vinyl rolls. Our main reflective vinyl film products as following:

DR3600: reflective cutting vinyl, plain color, Acrylic type

DR3700: reflective vinyl, advertising grade, solvent printable,  honey comb

DR3800: reflective sticker, grey,advertising grade, solvent printable,  honey comb

DR3900: reflective banner, 300D*500D, solvent printable.

DR1600: engineering grade, 3 years outdoor warranty, PET type

DR1700: engineering grade, 7 years outdoor warranty, Acrylic+PET type

DR1800: engineering grade, 10 years outdoor warranty, Acrylic type

DERFLEX is professional reflective vinyl banner, and one of the most competitive reflective vinyl film supplier in China. our products are in promotion. If you are distributor of reflective tape ,or reflective vinyl fabric ready-made product factories, and if you have any questions or requirement of samples, please contact us freely.

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