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Characteristics and performance of PVC inflatable tarpaulin material

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Characteristics and performance of PVC inflatable tarpaulin material

PVC Inflatable tarpaulin features:

Good air tightness, high strength, durability, waterproof, flame retardant, wear resistance, good quality and tear resistance.

 PVC inflatable tarpaulin

inflatable tarpaulin


Hot-melt coated tarpaulins are more popular for making inflatable products.

Inflatable tarpaulin is a PVC vinyl polymer chemically known as polyvinyl chloride. It has several applications in the leisure and construction industries. In the inflatable boat and paddle baord industry it is used as a coating on polyester or nylon to increase the strength and tear resistance.

PVC is favored for its durability, resistance to wear and tear, and ability to withstand exposure to motor oils, gasoline, and the sun's ultraviolet rays. This combination of materials makes inflatable boats lightweight and versatile.

 inflatable tarpaulin

The inflatable tarpaulin material can be used as inflatable boats, swimming pools, tents etc.

PVC inflatable material is featured by high strength, excellent quality stability and self-cleaning of surface, anti-aging and various weather resistance performance.

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