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In the Sign China 2017 exhibition, DERFLEX deeply discussed with US, Europe outdoor digital printing media distributors, customers from Africa, South America, Mid-east, Asia. We help our old customers to grow up fast together with us, at the same time, build good cooperation relationship with new customers.
Mimaki JV300 Series: High Performance, High Quality Eco-Solvent Wide-Format Printers DERFLEX is professional manufacturer of digital printing media.Our solvent printable media is highly compatible with the Mimaki JV300 ecosolvent printer
PVC wallpaper is not harmful substances, and will not cause harm to the human body, because it's made from environmentally friendly materials
They are different plastics, PVC is PVC plastic, and PE is polyethylene plastic
Wallpaper paving is a university asked, to understand people know how to wallpaper, thirty percent on wallpaper itself, and seventy percent in application, wallpaper Putie, thus more so important, want the wallpaper paving thickness to show better wall effect, the choice of professional team paving is necessary. At the same time, Putie wallpaper in is not posted the area better, Putie wallpaper also pay attention to, in general, a small area of the living room for the whole stick, and some larger place, the stick will make the wall monotonous, but more suitable for the local paving, can let the wall focus.
Car sticker is the main materials of PVC outdoor special stickers can adapt to outdoor conditions, and it demands than ordinary commercial grade materials more wear-resistant and anti UV materials and colors, although no clothing fabric is so rich, but also ordinary, luminous, reflective metal, laser light, anti metal wire drawing and so many choices.
HP Latex printing technology:HP initiative,the Emulsion composition in the ink was melted after heating, and was cooled on the surface of printing material. In this way it can fix the pigment composition, to make the pictures UV printing technology: UV printing technology:the Photosensitive resin in the UV ink is cured under the ultraviolet, This is the Properties of pigments fixed on the surface of the medium
Asia Pacific Singapore, July 7, 2010, HP announced by the host of the wide digital printing industry's first print service provider Award 2010 HP Scitex wide Digital Print Awards (Asia Pacific and Japan region) winner. The award was presented at the eighteenth Shanghai international advertising technology equipment exhibition and the 2010 HP wide angel digital printing Awards (Asia Pacific and Japan area) in July 7th.
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