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PVC strech celling film, is a kind of backlit vinyl film. DERFLEX professionally manufacture PVC vinyl film, digital printing media.
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DERFLEX is professional manufacturer and supplier of PVC ceiling film. We focus on manufacturing and exploring backlit vinyl.

Soft film ceiling - founded in Switzerland in nineteenth Century and introduced into China in 95, has been introduced into china. This is a kind of interior decoration material which is widely used in recent years. The soft film needs to be measured in the field and produced in the factory. The stability of the soft film size is from -15 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees celsius. Transparent film smallpox can be matched with various lighting systems (such as neon lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED lamp) to create a dreamy, shadowless lighting effect.

Main charicteristics of PVC strech ceiling film:

1, fire prevention function: soft film smallpox has met the fire standards of many countries. British BSSTANDARD476, PART 7, CLASS, IY, the United States ASTM, European M1, and national standard CODE NO:2000 1132. The standard of fire protection in China is B1. Simply speaking, ordinary building materials (such as wood, gypsum boards, to metal ceilings), when heated or burned, will spread fire and heat to other locations. However, soft film smallpox after burning, will melt through itself, and in a few seconds to shrink, until leaving the fire, and then stop automatically, and does not emit harmful gases or harm the human body or property under drip solution.

2, energy-saving features: first, the printable  vinyl is in accordance with the movie screen and manufacturing, such as at the surface can be found to have numerous concave lines, and this is the light refraction will strengthen, so we encourage users to install wall lamp or lamp would enhance the effect, this method can reduce the number of light sources. Moreover, the essence of the soft film ceiling is made of PVC material, which can greatly improve the insulation function, and can greatly reduce the indoor temperature loss, especially the place where the air conditioner is often needed. The principle is the same as divers wearing scuba suits to delay the loss of body temperature in seawater.

3, germproof function: because the backlit vinyl in the factory has a hybrid called a BIO - PRUF antimicrobial treatment. This trademark has been registered in the United states. And 30 years of experience. The specially treated material resists and prevents microorganisms, such as common molds, from growing on the surface of an object so as to provide an additional protection for ordinary users, especially children, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It is designated by the Hongkong medical association.

4, waterproof function: Water Leakage occurs in the traditional ceiling of the accident, often causing users very embarrassed, but failed to immediately stop Water Leakage, so that the indoor property destroyed; even affect the lower housing is made of soft film smallpox PVC material film, installation structure with closed design, so when it comes to Water Leakage case, can temporarily supporting the sewage, so that the owners make timely treatment.

5, Color: soft film ceiling, there are many colors, 8 types to choose from, such as dumb light, glossy, suede, metal surface, hole and light transmission surface. All kinds of fabrics have their own features. Among them, the diameter of the hole surface has 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 10mm and other types for designers to choose.

6, creativity: because the backlit film is a soft material, is based on the shape of keel to determine its shape. Therefore, the shape is more casual and varied. Let designers be more creative.

7, easy installation: it can be installed directly on walls, wooden sides, steel structures, plaster walls and wooden walls. Suitable for all kinds of building structures. Moreover, the PVC flexible film keel can be uniformly fixed only by screws at a certain distance, and the installation is very convenient. Throughout the installation process, there will be no volatile solvents, no dust, not in the space of other furnishings have an impact, does not affect the normal production, work and life order.

8 anti-aging: special keel is divided into PVC and aluminum alloy two kinds of material, the main structure of the soft film is PVC, soft film buckle edge is also made by PVC with several special additives. All of these components can last up to ten years. In the correct installation, the use of the process will not produce cracks, will not decolorization or small pieces fall.

9, safety and environmental protection: backlit vinyl strech film in environmental protection has outstanding advantages, it is in full compliance with European and domestic testing standards. All the soft films are made of environmentally friendly materials, without cadmium, ethanol and other harmful substances. Recyclable, in the manufacture, transportation, installation, use, recycling process, will not have any impact on the environment, in full compliance with today's environmental issues.

10, acoustics effect: the relevant departments of the relevant testing, proved that this material can effectively improve the room tone effect. Several of these materials are effectively soundproof. It is an ideal soundproof decorative material.

PVC strech ceiling film manufacturerbacklit vinyl strech film


*The administration, office buildings, commercial office building.
* industrial areas and hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, clinics.
* private homes, villas, apartments, bathroom, kitchen.
* school, kindergarten, a large lecture hall, computer room, Internet cafes, etc..
* sports venues, swimming pool, gym, billiards room, Volleyball Hall, basketball hall.
* The church, hotel lobby, auditorium, restaurant, bar, cafe, music hall.
* brand stores: brand clothing stores, 4S stores, jewelry stores, etc..
* public places: shopping malls, theme parks, airports, subway, exchange, museum, art museum, library, art exhibition, beauty salon etc..
* sales offices model rooms, clubs, leisure club etc..

PVC ceiling film manufacturerbacklit vinyl supplier

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