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DERFLEX is professional PVC tarpaulin manufacturer in China,  with experience over 15 years, DER focus on manufacturing and exploring PVC coated fabrics.

 PVC tarpaulin is made up of high tensile polyester, high quality resin powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, proper amount of calcium powder, and tiny quantity of chemicals.

    Main component of PVC coated tarpaulin is the polyvinyl chloride (PVC). plasticizer, inhibitor and other auxiliary materials are added in the production process to enhance the heat resistance, flexibility and ductility. RAM, fungicide, antioxidant and many other chemical additives are added into the paste resin, to promise the non-inflammability, high strength, weather ability and geometric stability.

    Also heavy duty pvc tarpaulin has nature functions: waterproof, mould proof, wear-resistant, durable, cold resistance, aging resistance, etc.

Main applications:

PVC tarpaulin material can be used in many industries: Agriculture, Army, Cargo, Tents,  Mining, sea transportation, Railway transportation, Advertising Sea Port, Building sites, Construction headquarters, Breeding industry, etc..

DERFLEX is professional PVC tarpaulin roll manufacturer, and one of the most competitive PVC tarpaulin supplier in China. our products are in promotion. If you are distributor of PVC tarpaulin,or PVC tarpaulin ready-made product factories, and if you have any questions or requirement of samples, please contact us freely.

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