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What is the difference between TPU Membrane and PVC Membrane ?

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What is the difference between TPU Membrane and PVC Membrane ?


The biggest external performance of PVC and TPU is softness and resilience. TPU rubber is more than a little better than PVC plastic in terms of softness and elasticity. When the same long strip is stretched, TPU can be stretched to 2 times the length, but PVC basically cannot be stretched and will be broken directly. Not only that, TPU will rebound after stretching, but PVC basically cannot rebound.


The TPU membrane has excellent performance and has a wide range of hardness in terms of its ability to resist deformation, nicks and scratches, and even when these conditions are enhanced, its elasticity and wear resistance are still good. At the same time, the TPU membrane has excellent performance in terms of load-bearing capacity, resistance to strong impact forces, and vibration reduction. In summary, it has high mechanical strength.


The cold resistance of TPU film is very outstanding. Even at minus 35 degrees, the elasticity and other functions will not deteriorate. Moreover, it has good processing properties and can be formed by injection molding, extrusion, and calendering. It is also resistant to oil, water, and mold, and has good recyclability, so its performance is very excellent.


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