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What is PVC sheet?

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What is PVC sheet?

The full name of PVC rigid sheet is Polyvinyl Chloride Rigid Sheet. Using amorphous materials as raw materials, it has super high performance in anti-oxidation, anti-strong acid and anti-reduction. PVC rigid sheet also has high strength and excellent stability, and is not flammable, and can resist corrosion caused by climate change. Common PVC rigid sheet includes transparent PVC sheet, white PVC sheet, black PVC sheet, gray PVC sheet, gray PVC board, etc.

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 What is the advantage of PVC sheet?

PVC sheet material not only has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, non-flammability, insulation, and oxidation resistance, but also because of its reprocess ability and low production cost, so that PVC sheet has always maintained a high sales volume in the plastic sheet market. This is also due to its wide range of uses and affordable prices. The multiple functions of PVC sheet did not increase its value, but it has been occupying a piece of plastic sheet market at a cheap price. At present, our country's improvement of PVC sheets and design technology have reached the international advanced level.


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 What is the usage of PVC sheet? 

PVC sheet are extremely versatile, there are different types of PVC sheets, such as thick PVC sheet/thin PVC sheet/clear PVC sheet/black PVC sheet/white PVC sheet/glossy PVC sheet/Matt PVC sheet.

Due to it have good processing properties, low manufacturing costs, corrosion resistance, and insulation. PVC sheets have a wide range of uses, are mainly used to make: PVC report covers, PVC ID cards, PVC ceiling films, PVC playing card materials and PVC rigid sheet for blister.


 What is the disadvantage of PVC sheet? 

PVC sheet is also a kind of plastic that is often used. It is a resin composed of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer and antioxidant, and it is not toxic. However, the main auxiliary materials such as plasticizers and antioxidants are toxic. The plasticizers in daily PVC sheet plastics mainly use dibutyl terephthalate and dioctyl phthalate. These chemicals are toxic, and lead stearate, an antioxidant for PVC, is also toxic. Lead is precipitated when PVC sheets containing lead salt antioxidants come into contact with ethanol, ether and other solvents. Lead-containing PVC sheet is used for food packaging when it encounters fried dough sticks, fried cakes, fried fish, cooked meat products, cakes and snacks, it will cause lead molecules to diffuse into the grease, so PVC sheet plastic bags cannot be used Contain food, especially food containing oil. In addition, polyvinyl chloride plastic products will slowly decompose hydrogen chloride gas at a relatively high temperature, such as about 50°C, which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, polyvinyl chloride products are not suitable for food packaging.

What is application of PVC sheet?

Due to good processing properties of PVC sheet, low material costs, PVC sheets have extremely wide range of uses, mainly used to make PVC Christmas Tree Film;PVC Green film to make fence;PVC report covers; PVC name cards;PVC boxes; PVC foam board,PVC ceiling, PVC playing card material and PVC rigid sheet for blister.

What is the most common thickness of PVC sheet?

This depends on your requirement, we can make it from 0.12mm to 10mm.

The most common customer use are

1/2 inch pvc sheet

2mm pvc sheet

4mm pvc sheet

6mm pvc sheet

3mm black pvc sheet

black pvc sheet

white pvc sheet


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