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Membrana PTFE arquitectura material

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PTFE PP Supported Hydrophilic Membrane, PTFE Polypropylene Hydrophilic Membrane,

PTFE Strong hydrophilic membrane with polypropylene (PP) support for high performance in liquid filtration, no pre-wetting, clean, no shedding of surfaces,

chemical and high temperature resistance.

Application: liquid filtration. air filtration. Environmental monitoring.

Made into membrane filter . Cartridge pleated filter element. Small filter sheet.


High Strong hydrophilic membrane ,no need for pre-wetting, clean , no peeling on the surface, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, higher flow rate at a giver level.

Manufacturing Process:
Pure membrane: hot melt calendering + biaxial stretching.

Composite membrane: pure membrane + non-woven. Heat compression bonding.


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