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Modern Design Crystal Plastic Mat for Tablecloth Protection
Crystal-Clear plastic tablecloth that is perfect for everyday use, and allows your beautiful table to show through
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Modern Design Clear Plastic Bunnings for Tablecloth  Protection features:

Protects your table and linens from stains
Fully hemmed and finished edges that is durable
Easy to care for and wipes clean with a damp cloth
Waterproof and Stain Resistant

clear plastic tablecloth bunnings

tablecloth protector

Advantages of clear plastic table cover bunnings

Nice and mordern
High quality super clear material
Protect tablecloth from spills and scratches
Leak proof
Easy to clean
Value for money

clear plastic table cover bunnings

clear tablecloth roll

Protect fine linens from spills and stains with the Crystal clear plastic table cover big w from SALT. Beautifully clear, the protector lets you see your best table linens while keeping them fresh and clean.

In fact, transparent clear plastic table covers by the roll is a good choice. It is crystal and transparent, not only will not damage the decoration of your home table and chairs, so that your table retains its original color; it can also protect your table, clean and hygienic, waterproof and antifouling, clean It is more convenient and faster.

clear tablecloth cover
——Simple atmosphere, waterproof and oil proof This is a PVC waterproof, anti-scald and oil-proof plastic clear plastic table cover by the metre.

It is made of high-quality PVC material, which is more natural and healthy. Its transparent design, simple atmosphere, and a variety of exquisite fashion Pattern, protect your desktop, waterproof and oil-proof and anti-scalding, clean and hygienic, easy to clean
——Soft and comfortable, easy to store

clear tablecloth protector
PVC clear tablecloth cheap soft glass thickened crystal tablecloth, it is crystal clear, very eye-catching and dazzling, waterproof and anti-scald and oil-proof, protect your desktop from harm, it is clean and easy to clean, and it is soft, comfortable and convenient Storage, also has a variety of different patterns to choose from.
——Easy to clean and clean

clear tablecloth cover protector

Transparent crystal clear tablecloth with design, it is soft, easy to store and easy to change, its thick design is more waterproof, oil-proof and hot-proof, keeping your desktop clean and hygienic, and there are exquisite and elegant patterns on it. The desktop looks like a new one.
——Dustproof and antifouling, waterproof and oilproof

clear plastic table cover
PVC disposable plastic crystal vinyl dunelm clear tablecloth, it has high transparency, waterproof and oil resistant, easy to scrub, soft and comfortable to squeeze, healthy and environmentally friendly, green and natural, dustproof and antifouling, easy to replace, let you have a clean and tidy desktop, Always enjoy fine dining time.
——Smooth and delicate, waterproof and oil proof

clear plastic tablecloth
Waterproof and oil-repellent clear dining table cloth, its surface is smooth and delicate, waterproof and oil-repellent, easy to clean, it is healthy and environmentally friendly without formaldehyde, it is more comfortable and comfortable, it is crystal clear, and it can maintain the true color of your desktop , Fresh and beautiful, protect the desktop.
——Soft texture and smooth surface

clear table cover
Transparent plastic clear table cover bunnings, its high transparency, crystal and luster, it is waterproof and oil-proof, easy to take care of, let you have a more clean and hygienic dining environment, its texture is soft, the surface is smooth, healthy and environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, practical Beautiful.

——Health and safety formaldehyde-free This is a waterproof and anti-scalding soft glass crystal plate, which uses healthy PVC material, healthy and safe formaldehyde-free, it is smooth and delicate, comfortable and soft, waterproof and oil-proof but also anti-scald, gently wipe All clean, it is simply a lazy artifact, or elegant and beautiful.
——Waterproof and oilproof

plastic table cloths
Safety of material:
The number of products made with PVC can be the same as the total quantity of a Wal-Mart product. PVC itself can not be said to be toxic, only its components will decompose and fission will release a degree of substance, PVC chemical properties and stability at room temperature. But tablecloths made of PVC resin have to be modified and liquid softeners are added. Softeners are also called plasticizers, and the most commonly used is DOP, which is a phthalate plasticizer. Experiments on plasticizers of this type in mice have shown that long-term exposure can cause reproductive defects, but no similar verification data have been obtained in humans.

clear table cover bunnings
Compared with ordinary tablecloths:

Many friends will want to buy soft glass tablecloths, but "How about soft glass tablecloths" has always been a problem that puzzles everyone. So is the soft glass tablecloth good? Let’s take a look at the advantages of soft glass tablecloth!
We know that ordinary tablecloths are mostly textiles, and these textile tablecloths are often not resistant to high temperature and heavy pressure, and are not easy to care for and clean.
But the soft glass tablecloth not only can withstand high temperature and high pressure, but also has the characteristics of anti-static and long service life. For restaurant tablecloth selection, is soft glass tablecloth good? Soft glass tablecloth is of course good, because it is not only beautiful, but also greatly reduces the cost of cleaning.

clear plastic table covers by the roll


Production Ability and experience

DERFLEX is professional PVC coated fiberglass material manufacturer in China with experience over 20 years.

50 knitting and woven machines to make fabrics;

4 coating machines for PVC coating;

400-500 workers 24 hours in production (2 swifts)

15 engineers to research new products and technologies to meet customer requirement.

Shanghai DER New Material Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of PVC coated tarpaulin, experience over 20 years. 
2 knife coating production line, 4 calenders, 8 lamination machine, we make both laminated and coated PVC tarpaulin material for various applications. 

As an PVC material experienced company, DER has expanded the marketing to all over the world by attending different kinds of exhibitions, like IFAI, SGIA, Techtextil and China Sign and so on. Now we have many customers from UK, Russia europe countries, North America countries, like United States, Canada, South America, like Mexico, Agentina, Span, Africa, such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and other countries in the world. 
DER is aiming to become the most famous Chinese advertising supplier in the world. We need your business support. 

Samples:   Free samples available, at customers ’DHL account
Quality Guarantee: Any quality problem during guarantee period would be solved immediately after feedback
Professional International Sales Team: 7*24hours online service. Any questions would be replied in 24 hours.
Shipping:   Long term cooperation with national and international shipping agents, which ensures the product delivery at the first time.
Payment term:       Customers with long-term stable cooperation would be supported with certain payment methods

plastic table cloths round

plastic tablecloth cover

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