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dry erase whiteboard film
The whiteboard film is a protective film pasted on the surface of the whiteboard, so that it can be erased after writing with pens and other tools.
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The whiteboard film is a protective film pasted on the surface of the whiteboard, so that it can be erased after writing with pens and other tools.

whiteboard film


This whiteboard adhesive film uses black, green or white PVC, PET or PP film as the writing layer, and the writing surface of the writing layer has a matte frosted layer of 5-10μm with a roughness. Dry erase whiteboard film can be tailored and pasted according to the size of the board. It is simple to operate, low in cost, durable, and has a service life of more than 5 years, which greatly saves blackboard renovation costs. With the use of biochemical chalk to write, there is no dust, which purifies the classroom and keeps teachers and students away from dust pollution.


Product Specification

Product Name

Dry erase whiteboard film, Pure White





Roll Length

50M or customized




Easy erase, customized sizes, applicable immediately after installation


Residential, school, meeting room, etc



Main Advantages:

Whiteboard self-adhesive film can be pasted on flat and dust-free surfaces, such as on glass, walls, desktops, etc.

It is very simple to paste: first remove the dust on the bottom surface, then tear off one side of the whiteboard film, align it on the surface, and paste it, if there are bubbles squeezed out, it is fine.

whiteboard film roll 

Features: Whiteboard film roll has good shrinkage resistance, is not easy to fade and peel, and has strong adhesion. The designed color and reflectivity help protect the eyes of teachers and students. The surface of the 5.2CM dark grid is convenient for teachers to write neatly, and is relatively thick. The dough can cover the trachoma and sand spots of the original blackboard itself.

Posting characteristics of whiteboard glazing film: there is adhesive on the back, peel off and paste directly, simple and convenient, you can use multiple pieces to splice into a large green board wall, or post on a wooden board to make a wooden green board or blackboard;

Writing tools: ordinary chalk, water-based chalk, water-based whiteboard marker.

Normal service life: more than 5 years!



Whiteboard film for chalkboards can be used in many areas:


home whiteboard ideas:

dry erase whiteboard film


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Whiteboard self-adhesive film

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