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Heat transfer vinyl is a kind of dielectric material in thermal transfer. The heat transfer is to print the pattern to the film to make a heat transfer film, and then transfer the pattern onto the surface of the film by heat and pressure. It can be said that the heat transfer film is printed with a patterned film.
DERFLEX is a professional vinyl heat transfer manufacturer and exporter in china, that is concerned with the design, development and production of heat vinyl transfers.
Generally, the heat vinyl is composed of 4 layers: carrier layer, release layer, ink layer and glue layer.

Selection of thermal transfer vinyl:
Solvent resistance of film: blot test after the chemical cleaning for many long.
Wettability of membranes: use of organic solvents or buffer solutions prior to use.
The size of the membrane pore size determines the size of the protein that can be intercepted.
Binding capacity of membranes to proteins: the amount of binding per unit area to protein.
Resolution of membranes: sensitivity to low concentration proteins.
Blocking effect: background down.
Repeatability: mechanical strength of membranes and binding strength of membranes to proteins.
Color rendering: the anti solvent properties of the film and the physical and chemical properties of the film itself determine the imprint detection and the selection of color rendering methods in the later stage of the imprinting test.

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