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Dye Sublimation fabric
sublimaiton paper
Sublimation paper is produced by DERFLEX with from 40gsm-110gsm, it is used for dye sublimation printing and tranfer to the target object.
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DERFLEX is professional sublimation tranfer paper manufacturer. With more than 15 years experience on digital printing industries, DER supply perfect heat sublimation paper in both quality and price.

Sublimation transfer is the portrait, landscape, text and other graphic use of thermal transfer ink with inkjet printer to mirror the reverse way to print on the sublimation heat transfer paper, and then through the thermal transfer equipment heated to 200 ℃ , thermal transfer ink on the dye sublimation paper will be in the form of gasification into the substrate, so that the image of the paper color realistic transfer to the textile, porcelain cup, porcelain plate, porcelain plate, metal and other materials A new process.

Sublimation transfer graphics are colorful, rich, and its effect can be comparable with the printing, sublimation transfer is hot in the heat transfer ink heat sublimation into the object, condensate after the formation of brightly colored images. Therefore, the thermal transfer products are durable, the image will not fall off, crack and fade.

DERFLEX main dye sublimation transfer paper products:

DSP90: weight 90gsm, max width 3.2m
DSP80: weight 80gsm, max width 3.2m
DSP45: weight 45gsm, max width 3.2m

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Packaging: Cartoon Box
dye sub printing paper

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