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    DERFLEX is professional manufacturer in China focusing on digital printing material and industrial fabrics. Our main products include PVC banner (frontlit, backlit, blockout, mesh), self adhesive vinyl, one way vision vinyl, polyester textile, cotton canvas, PVC tarpaulin, inkjet media, etc... 


    DERFLEX has a very strict quality control system which promise all the products from DERFLEX with good quality performance.

    Our research and development team can combine a wide variety of fibers (nylon, polyester, Kevlar, etc.) and formulate the specific polymer chemistry for your customized product to improve efficiency and performance.
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2020/6/27 21:31:09
PVC coated tarpaulin fabric for fish pond
PVC coated fish pond fabric can be used to build fish pond to meet different needs, it is very easy to install. The cost of PVC tarps fabric are affordable, besides there are many applications in our life. No matter whether you want to build a small finsh pond for family or build a huge profeesional aquatic farm.
2020/6/19 11:30:32
Good Quality PVC Sound Colth Barrier Sheet
PVC Sound Colth Barrier Sheet is a kind of industrial fabrics made of PVC coated polyester fabric. Together with characters of flexible PVC, it can be used in many industrial areas which requires soundproof, privacy, and waterproof.
2020/6/18 11:21:47
Antiseptic vinyl swimming pool pvc liner
Swimming pool Liner film is the adhesive film installed at the bottom of the pool.
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Industry News
2021/3/7 23:00:53
camouflage tarpaulin sheet
Camouflage PVC tarpaulin is Waterproof, mildewproof, cold resistance, aging resistance, folding resistance and other properties, strong breaking resistance, tearing elongation, tearing strength are much better than similar products, used in construction, trucks, factories and mining enterprises, seaports and docks for long-term waterproof and sunscreen, etc.
2020/4/9 10:20:52
waterproof soft linen cloth fabric material rolls
linen fabric material is woven by twisting linen into threads, the surface is not as smooth as chemical fiber and cotton, and it has a vivid concave and convex texture. Painters often use the delicate and interesting texture of linen. In addition to synthetic fibers, linen is the strongest kind of textile. ,
2020/4/8 11:04:00
heavy duty crystal glass clear pvc tarpaulin rolls manufacturer
heavy duty crystal glass clear pvc tarpaulin rolls manufacturer
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DERFLEX has achieved competitive excellence through global collaboration with some of the world’s premier companies in a variety of industrial and geographical locations. We established very good relationship with all our customers to make sure that we grow together
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