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I.  What is DTF printing?

DTF Printing is also referred to as Direct to Film Printing, and it works by printing transfers that are heat pressed to a variety of garments (and other substrates).

When you have this machine, you can print on any kind of fabric, no matter dark or light. There can be more varieties in your product line. Save labor costs, and one employee can operate the machine. Faster production can print 900+ sq feet in a day.

DTF Printing

II. What is BPJET DTF printer?

DTF printer is a direct transfer film printer, which has specially developed for those customers who pursue high quality and do not need large-width machines. BPJET DTF Printer has higher stability of continuous printing, it is compatible with more software, printing fineness is better. You can enjoy a half-year warranty. The DTF printing device is the market’s most advanced DTF solution.

DTF printer


III. DTF heat transfer printing Process:

1. Printing

2. Sprinkle hot melt powder

3. Shake powder

4. Dry melt powder

5. Heat press

6. Peel the film

7. Finished

Direct to Film Printing

IV.  Advantages of DTF prints:

direct transfer film printer


DTF heat transfer printing

DTF prints

DTF Transfer Prints

V.  Applications of DTF Transfer Prints

DTF Converted Printers

DTF print

VI. BPJET DTF Converted Printers Product Specifications:

DTF Converted Printers

DERFLEX sublimation printer

VII. DERFLEX Sublimation film:

DERFLEX is one of the leading manufacturers in China focusing on digital printing material and industrial fabrics, we are producing sublimation film material which is suitable for BPJET DTF Printer Kit.

BPJET DTF Printer Kit

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