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Learn About Different Types of Tarps and Covers

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Learn About Different Types of Tarps and Covers

Tarps and Covers there are 2 main types PVC tarps  and PE tarpaulin
PVC tarpaulin  and PE Tarps do more or less the same thing and look very similar, Their main differences are as follows:

PVC tarpaulin

PE tarpaulin

1.Material construction difference:

PVC tarp is made of PVC coated polyester fabrics; it is 3-ply composition: 2 layers of PVC coated onto 100% polyester fabrics.

PVC tarp

pe  Tarpaulin is made from HDPE and LDPE material which is an eco-friendly material that is waterproof and Anti-UV.

pe  Tarpaulin
2.Production Process

PVC coated tarpaulin material is produced in a knife coating machine,

PVC coated tarpaulin

 PE tarpaulin are produced in woven machine

PE tarps

3.Waterproofing and blockout

PVC Cover Fabric can be 100% waterproofing and blockout, while PE tarp  are mostly used for short time outdoor covering application, it does not have the specific requirement.

PVC Cover Fabric

4. Eco-friendly

PVC tarpaulin materialis non-degradable while Polyethylene Tarps material is degradable



Regular PVC tars covers is a heavy weight material which meet 580gsm – 1400gsm, it can be made in range 240gsm-1300gsm using different fabric and PVC.
PE stripe tarpaulin
is produced in light weight 80gsm - 240gsm



PVC fabricis widely used for outdoor covering, weighing, storage bag, fence and tents

PVC fabricis

Polyethylene tarps can be used for so many applications the list is virtually inexhaustible.
Homeowner uses range from covering woodpiles, barbecues, lawn equipment and boats;
to camping uses like providing clean ground cover, a shade canopy or tent fly.

 Polyethylene tarps

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