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PVDF membrane material

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PVDF membrane material is a kind of high strength flexible film material. It is a material that is woven into a fabric substrate from fibers, and then processed and fixed with resin as a covering material on both sides of the substrate. The fabric substrate in the center of the film is divided into two types: polyester fiber and fiberglass, and the resin used as the coating is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. In terms of physical and mechanical properties, the fabric substrate and coating have the following functions:


1. Cloth substrate: tensile strength, tear resistance, heat resistance, durability, fire resistance, etc.

2. Coating materials: weather resistance, antifouling, processability, water resistance, light transmittance, etc.

PVDF film material


PVDF membranes are no longer rare in the construction market and their membrane color options are very rich. Compared with ordinary PVC membranes, PVDF membrane has improved its durability to about 10-15 years, which is why PVDF is considered the most durable membrane material in the industry.


Features of PVDF membrane:

1. Self-cleaning performance The bonding strength between PVDF self-cleaning coating and PVC bottom layer and the reliability of finished film processing and welding, add a primer coating layer between the PVDF self-cleaning layer and the PVC bottom layer. It not only solves the poor self-cleaning problems of PVC film material, the plastic agent easily moves to the surface of the material and adheres to the air, and the dirt in the rainwater is not easy to clean, but also improves largely durability;


2. Optical performance The film material can filter out most ultraviolet rays and prevent internal elements from fading. Its transmittance to natural light can reach 25%. The transmitted light produces a uniform diffuse light within the structure, without shadows, without glare and with good color rendering. Under the combined action of ambient light and internal lighting at night, the membrane structure The surface emits a natural and soft glow, which is intoxicating;


3. Fire behavior Today, widely used membrane materials can meet the demand for fire protection, have excellent fire and high temperature resistance, and meet the standards of France, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries. . ;


4. Good thermal insulation The thermal insulation performance of single-layer membrane material is the same as that of brick walls and better than glass. As with buildings made of other materials, the internal temperature of membrane buildings can also be adjusted in other ways. For example: add a layer of insulation inside, use air conditioning heating equipment, etc.;


5. Mechanical properties PVDF is a translucent polymer with 59% fluorine content. It has high impact resistance, abrasion resistance, creep resistance, and good toughness. It is the strongest among the fluoroplastics.


Application of an awning from material of a membrane.

The membrane structure awning is composed of a high resistance material film (PVC or Teflon) and reinforcing elements (steel structure, steel column or steel cable). It has a wide range of applications. With global warming, the summer temperature is getting higher and higher. and above Shade facilities Particularly important. In recent years, awnings with tensioned membrane structures have appeared more and more in all corners of the city, such as garages, sports bleachers, exterior shading of buildings, leisure shading in gardens, shading of swimming pools, etc.


1. Carport sunshade with membrane structure

PVDF membrane

2. Tribune awning with membrane structure

PVDF membrane material


3. Structure of building exterior shading film

PVDF film material


4. Structure of the leisure umbrella film

PVDF film material


5. Structure of the pool umbrella membrane

PVDF film material


6. The high weather resistance and anti-corrosion PVDF film material used in the coal shed with large-span inflatable membrane structure.

PVDF film material


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