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TPU high strength tarpaulin

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TPU high strength tarpaulin


TPU and its composite fabric is a new type of environmentally friendly material, which can pass various international food (or drinking water) standards such as FDA, EU directive 10/2011, NSF61, and has good oil resistance. It can pass GJB4219A, GJB6660, GJB5482. The standard requirements of other series of soft oil bladder materials; hydrolysis resistance, high strength, good wear resistance, mildew and antibacterial, excellent physical and mechanical properties, light quality, good flexibility, and excellent welding performance. The materials can be widely used in marine, medical, military, food, people's livelihood, industry, modern agriculture and other fields.



There are 3 layers in this tarpaulin.


The first and bottom layers are laminated TPU. They are waterproof and airtight. The soft and elastic TPU layers could increase the tearing and tensile strength of the fabric.

TPU high strength tarpaulin


I. Do you know what are their characteristics?


1.Outstanding environmental performance: It can pass various international food (or drinking water) certifications such as FDA, EU directive 10/2011,etc.


2.Good temperature resistance: Withstand temperatures of -70oC to 80oC, and special products can withstand high temperatures up to 100~120oC.


3.Excellent physical and mechanical properties: Tensile strength up to 7000N/50mm. Processability: Suit for high-frequency welding, high-temperature welding, gluing, stitching and other processing techniques. 

TPU tarpaulin


TPU high strength tarpaulin


II. Date Sheet

TPU high strength tarpaulin


III. About Factory

TPU high strength tarpaulin

TPU high strength tarpaulin

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