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Architectural membranes for soccer cup stadium

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Architectural membranes for soccer cup stadium


I.Whati is Architectural membranes?


Membrane structure is a new type of large-span space structure developed in recent decades. It consists of fabric (membrane material) with excellent performance through supporting members (such as rigid beams, columns, flexible cables), or adding air in the membrane. It is a form of spatial structure in which the pressure is combined in a certain way and appropriate initial pretension is applied to form a spatial structure shape with a certain rigidity, thereby bearing a certain external load. Its history can be traced back to ancient times when people used the fibers of trees and hides to build tents.


II.Features of PVDF membrane:


1. Self-cleaning performance The bonding strength between PVDF self-cleaning coating and PVC bottom layer and the reliability of finished film processing and welding, add a primer coating layer between the PVDF self-cleaning layer and the PVC bottom layer. It not only solves the poor self-cleaning problems of PVC film material, the plastic agent easily moves to the surface of the material and adheres to the air, and the dirt in the rainwater is not easy to clean, but also improves largely durability;


2. Optical performance The film material can filter out most ultraviolet rays and prevent internal elements from fading. Its transmittance to natural light can reach 25%. The transmitted light produces a uniform diffuse light within the structure, without shadows, without glare and with good color rendering. Under the combined action of ambient light and internal lighting at night, the membrane structure The surface emits a natural and soft glow, which is intoxicating;


3. Fire behavior Today, widely used membrane materials can meet the demand for fire protection, have excellent fire and high temperature resistance, and meet the standards of France, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries. . ;


4. Good thermal insulation The thermal insulation performance of single-layer membrane material is the same as that of brick walls and better than glass. As with buildings made of other materials, the internal temperature of membrane buildings can also be adjusted in other ways. For example: add a layer of insulation inside, use air conditioning heating equipment, etc.;


5. Mechanical properties PVDF is a translucent polymer with 59% fluorine content. It has high impact resistance, abrasion resistance, creep resistance, and good toughness. It is the strongest among the fluoroplastics.

Architectural membranes


III:Projects of material of a membrane for soccer cup stadium



Architectural membranes


Architectural membranes


IV:OUR factoy


PVDF membrane material



material of a membrane

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