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What is inflatable pvc tarpaulin used for boat

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What is inflatable pvc tarpaulin used for boat?


I What is inflatable pvc tarpaulin?

Inflatable tarpaulin is a PVC vinyl polymer chemically known as polyvinyl chloride. It has several applications in the leisure and construction industries. In the inflatable boat and paddle baord industry it is used as a coating on polyester or nylon to increase the strength and tear resistance.


II Specification for inflatable pvc tarpaulin


Item Code


Test Method

Base Fabric

840D*840D 18*18


Weight (GSM)


DIN EN ISO2286-2

Thickness (mm)



Tensile Strength

Warp (N/5cm)



Weft (N/5cm)



Tear Strength

Warp (N/5cm)



Weft (N/5cm)



Peeling Strength

Warp (N/5cm)



Weft (N/5cm)





Flame Retardant


Lacquering (Optional)

Acrylic/ PVDF

Special Treatment

Anti-Wicking/Anti-UV/Anti-Aging/Cold Resistant/Osmosis Prevention/Mildew Resistant


III Advantages for pvc tarpaulin

PVC inflatable boats have the main undeniable advantage over rigid boats – lightness and mobility. When folded, they can be transported in the trunk of a car or carried in a special bag or backpack. And an inflated, fully equipped PVC boat can be carried by 1-2 people over a short distance. The flat bottom of the PVC inflatable boat even in the presence of an inflatable keel makes such boats passable in any shallow water.

PVC boat does not need a permanent place of storage or parking at the berth, it can be easily stored in the garage, on the balcony or in the country-house. Small models can be stored in a bag in a city apartment. Although, it is better to keep the inflatable boat slightly inflated.

The advantages of PVC boats include their price, which is usually lower than the price of rigid boats. Inflatable boats do not require registration for lengths up to 4 meters and motor power up to 10 hp.


IV Disadvantages for pvc tarpaulin

The main disadvantage of PVC boats is the vulnerability of the hull. Hull material can be damaged by snags, ice and other sharp objects, burned (if the boat is parked close to a fire), punctured or damaged during fishing or hunting. However, the maintainability of PVC fabric allows you to seal the damaged area quickly with a standard repair kit. In addition, modern PVC fabric is not so easy to break.


V Features for the inflatable pvc fabric

Compared with other inflatable fabrics, the most important feature of PVC Tarpaulin Inflatable is that it is a non-toxic material. It has been shown by scientists to be in line with international health, safety, and consumer application standards. Our products meet the EU standards of REACH and ROHS, they do not contain harmful substances, so they can be safely used in the manufacture of children’s inflatable castles and other amusement facilities.

Another advantage of PVC Tarpaulin inflatable is that it is easier to repair than other materials and has a higher reuse rate after repair. PVC is resistant to chemical rotting, abrasion, weathering, and shock.

Our products are rich in colors and specifications, and there is always one that can meet your needs.


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