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vinyl coated polyester mesh

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Anti-inflammatory mesh fabric is PVC coated polyester mesh fabric which is applied with flame retardant functions. The PVC tarpaulin material is widely used in outdoor industrial areas.


PVC coated polyester mesh fabric


Product name

PVC coated fabric mesh




200 – 1000 gsm

Width available



300*200, 300*500, 500*500, 1000*1000

Custom environmental protection requirements



PVC Screen Mesh-Good adhesion, high peel strength, good hand feeling, strong fastness to composite, waterproof, etc.:

1. Excellent weathering resistance, prolongs service life, and enhances chemical resistance.

2. Fire retardant, anti-UV, anti-static, weatherproof, waterproof and stain resistant.

3. The use of ambient temperature: -30 °C -70 °C

4. Packing: 50-300m/roll.

5. Can provide relevant test report

6. Support various color customization

PVC mesh tarps

Main applications of Fireproof tarpaulin material:

Outdoor tents

Construction protection mesh

Specialty covering

Ventilation systems

tent tarps

industrial fabrics

DERFLEX is professional manufacturer in China focusing on industrial fabrics,

Advantages of DERFLEX PVC coated canvas:

1.     Production and exporting experience over 20 years, we are reputed in most of EU, US, South America, Africa, etc

2.     We have 3 factories already, and new factory is in process, estimate to start production beginning of 2023, to keep good volume to supplier top brands.

3.     Stable Raw Material supply in good price

4.     Perfect inspection series, to make 0 mistake during production.

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