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PVC membrane fabric for industrial construction

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I Characteristic.

let’s talk about the specifications of the PVC waterproof membrane first, in order to meet different use requirements, the width and length specifications of the PVC waterproof layer are not the same, the width ranges from more than one meter to two meters Inside, the length of a roll of PVC waterproof layer is more than 20 meters and less than 25 meters. The thickness of the PVC waterproof layer is generally 1.2 mm. If such a PVC waterproof layer is used for waterproofing projects, it can greatly reduce the number of workers The workload can also reduce some complicated construction techniques.

The use of PVC waterproof layer is mainly in the waterproofing of buildings and roofs. It is a very convenient material for construction. Although asphalt and other materials can also be used for waterproofing, it is far from PVC. The waterproof layer is convenient. At the same time, during the construction process, the tensile strength of the PVC waterproof layer is very good, and the service life is also very long. In addition, it has great benefits in terms of flexibility, precipitation resistance or UV resistance. .

II Moisture permeability.

 The moisture permeability of the PVC waterproof layer is relatively good, which is a very special feature. With this feature, the building will not become wet due to rain, and the water will not condense, even if it is a waterproof membrane. The part of the building is considered to be pregnant, and the water permeability can also help the water to escape from the building, so with this feature, the building does not need to repair the roof part easily.

III Construction

 During the construction process, the PVC waterproof layer can adapt to various degrees of roof inclination, which is not only more advantageous for the use of bungalows, but also can be used in some other hole houses outside the house. Construction on the roof of bungalows At the same time, the required construction effect can be achieved without too many building materials


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Shanghai DER New Material Co., Ltd is the China premium PVC roofing roll manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience and owns a production area of 60,000 square meters.

4.1. Quality control (QC) Department:
4.1.1 Checking each batch of raw materials;
4.1.2 The machine is equipped with a defect detector to ensure quality control in the production process;
4.1.3 Test weight, size, and strength again on finished products;
4.1.4 Make clear records for convenient traceability;
4.1.5 3 shift workers with 3 quality control shifts, 24 hours on the production line.

4.2. Research and Development (R&D) Service:
DERFLEX continues to research and develop new products for each market, continuously improving the customers' competitiveness.

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