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What is transparent pvc rolls

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                                                                                                                    What is transparent pvc rolls?


I introduction for the transparent pvc


PVC is an amorphous polymer and as a result its products are basically transparent. PVC products are non-transparent when they are manufactured using compounding agents that are non-compatible. The haze value is used to measure the transparency of plastic products.

This value is a percentage value calculated by dividing the diffused light transmittance of the test piece with the total light transmittance. It is also possible to manufacture PVC products with superior gloss.

Gloss is expressed in terms of gloss value, which usually shows the amount of reflected light from the test piece compared to amount of reflected light from glass (amount from glass defined as 100%).


II Specification for the super clear transparent pvc


Polyvinyl Chloride aka PVC or Vinyl




Super Clear


Double Polish, Glossy Finish

Thickness (Gauge)

Normal Clear 0.05 - 0.5 mm

Super Clear 0.15 - 0.5 mm


Rolls, Wrap in opaque plastics PVC sheet. Check other packaging options here.

Width per Roll

30" - 72" inch

Weight per Roll

25 kg +


27 - 55 phr*





Optional Qualification

REACH, RoHS, Non-Phthalates (Phthalates Free), CPSIA, CHCC, etc.

Custom Additives

Anti-UV, Anti-Mold or Anti-Mildew, Low Toxic, Cold Crack, Fire Retardant, etc.



III Super Clear PVC rolls Features


1 Premium Transparency.

2 High Gloss Finish.

3 Satisfy High Cosmetic Standard.

4 Level up Product Finished Look.

5 Easy Processing.

6 Customize Hardness to receive optimal material solution.


IV Processing Methods for pvc rolls

1 High-Frequency Welding,

2 Sewing,

3 Printing,

4 Adding Adhesive,

5 Hot Stamping,

6 Laminating, etc.


V PVC Applications

1 Protective Covers (eg. Vinyl Tablecloth, Book Cover, Stroller Cover).

2 Bags (eg. Shopping bag, Cosmetics & Shopping bag).

3 Vinyl Flooring (eg. Vinyl Planks and Tiles).

4 Stationery Material (eg. Folder, Book Cover).

5 Label & Advertisement Signs.

6 Decorative Surface Material (eg. Furniture, Fixture, Window).

7 Rainwear / Waterproof Textile / Inner Lining.

8 Inflatable Products (eg. 3D Advertising Inflatable, Swimming pool, Balloons, etc).


10 Curtain / Strip Door / Doorway / Strip-Curtain.


VI Introduction for DERFLEX

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Our main product is PVC tarpaulin and it is widely used as truck/trailer/container cover, tents, pallet cover,strip garden fence,

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